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Taranto, freight drops 14% in 2017

Taranto, freight drops 14% in 2017

Taranto - In the first eight months of 2017, the port of Taranto handled a total of 14.9 million tonnes of freight, down by 13.9% compared to the 17.3 million tonnes reached in the January-August period last year. Offloaded freight amounted to 8.8 million tonnes (-21.9%), and the loaded freight 6.1 million tonnes (+ 0.7%)

Grimaldi: “Marebonus is running aground”

Grimaldi: “Marebonus is running aground”

Rome - “The ‘Marebonus’ is running aground.And doing incalculable damage to Italy’s economy. The road haulage companies believed in the ‘Marebonus’ [i.e. Sea Bonus] to such an extent that they directed their investments to more and more intermodal transportation”

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