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Berlin - 2018 opens with the Port of Venice’s debut at the international trade fairfor fruit and vegetable logistics: the Venetian port had a successful presence last week at Fruit Logistica, the trade fair in Berlin, promoting one of its own sectors of excellence

Berlin - 2018 opens with the Port of Venice’s debut at the international trade fair for fruit and vegetable logistics: the Venetian port had a successful presence last week at Fruit Logistica, a trade fair which is currently under way in Berlin, promoting one of its own sectors of excellence, in which it can boast internationally competitive assets amongst foreign markets. “In the perishable sector, it is now time to make our move,” said the president of the North Adriatic Sea Harbour Authority, Pino Musolino. “Since in addition to direct maritime services with Mediterranean countries, which are recording significant increases in exports in the fruit and vegetable and perishable sector, we also have direct services to East Asia, which have brought pineapple imports from Indonesia and opened our ports to imports of other types of fresh fruit. In addition, our RO-RO services to Greece, which connect that market to the centre of Europe via the intermodal train service to Frankfurt, have always carried perishable products. All this is supported by a logistical platform for handling and storing of temperature-controlled products that has truly become one of the strong points of our port.”


The Port of Venice has also created a dedicated brand, “Masters of Fresh” for the promotion of the sector, an international reference to the history of Venice, starting from the double meaning of the term Master.

The Venetians were in fact “masters” of fresh products, or captains of the ships that historically pioneered and plied the Spice Routes (three of which were in line with the Maritime Silk Road), but they were also masters of the art of conservation of perishables through the use of spices.

Another reference intended by Venice’s promoters is to the excellence of the Fondaci, which were not only warehouses for goods, but also allowed for the concentration of inspections to facilitate the simplification of commercial practices, just as today the excellent facilities and unified inspections in the port of Venice guarantee fast traffic of perishables through the cold chain.

Many of the port operators participated in a press meeting to present these assets at Fruit Logistica. Alessandro Santi was present on behalf of the maritime agents, and wanted to recall that “Venice boasts several shipping lines with the Mediterranean both for containers and RO-RO and now aims to consolidate and intensify them with the most dynamic countries for fruit and vegetable exports”. Stefano Coccon, delegate for the Freight Forwarders, pointed out that “the experience which we have gained in recent years, especially with the green corridor, has allowed us to build strong skills in our port and a fruitful collaboration between businesses and the public bodies responsible for inspections, most importantly with the Customs Agency and the Health Offices. Today we can affirm that there are great opportunities here, based on the shared will to attract new traffic in fresh produce to Venice”. But the secrets of the cold chain were revealed by the commercial director of Venice Green Terminal, Claudio Iccardi, who focused his attention on the efficiency of the VGT facility, both because of its maintenance of the cold chain, and because of its expertise in the sector with regard to quality control, State reporting of merchandise imported and stored, the re-forwarding service for freight to markets and commercial platforms in Italy and Europe.

The testimony of an Egyptian customer who expressed his appreciation for the quality and efficiency of the services offered by the Port of Venice is proof of what the port operators claimed.

It is no coincidence that the Port of Venice wanted a testimonial from an Egyptian: this, together with the location of the stand, which is strategically placed in the Pavilion dedicated to Mediterranean countries, is a sign of the will to focus strongly on this area – not least on Egypt – which is showing the most significant growth in the export of fresh products.

Fruit Logistica hosts over 3,000 exhibitors each year, from all over the fresh produce value chain, and 75,000 visitors from 130 countries who invest in the fair to maximise their business potential in the international trade of fresh products. Fruit Logistica covers every single area in the fresh produce sector and creates excellent opportunities for contacts between decision makers at every level of the industry.

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