Fresh Food Corridors at Fruit Logistica 2017

La Spezia - The Port of La Spezia presents its competitive advantages in developing cold logistics chain between Eu & non- Eu trading partners.

La Spezia - Nowadays, the agri-food logistic sector faces a number of challenges: reducing emissions, reducing road congestion, as well as cost-savings and shorter transit time, so as to ensure the wholeness and freshness of the produce for the benefit of end consumers. This is why Fresh food corridor project was born: to achieve a safe, sustainable and efficient fresh food transport system for freight movement between Mediterranean and Northern European destinations by rail and sea and open logistics corridors with Middle Eastern countries. For this objective, the project will approach: new technologies for power supply on rail; ICT solutions to improve tracing of cargo and to speed up the certifications for perishable goods controls to support business & administration processes of perishables trade; new cold logistics chain between EU & non-EU trading partners. Within these activities, the port of La Spezia aims to build up specific corridor based stakeholder teams, undertaking joint activities – starting from an international level to the European one - as B2B events and networking sessions. The purpose is to enhance opportunities and commercial partnerships exploring new markets as well as sharing knowledge, ideas, innovation and providing relevant information and materials to the participants.

NEW YORK meetings (may 2016)

The first B2B event was organized in New York City in May 2016, in cooperation with the Italy American Chamber of Commerce and the Port Authority of New York New Jersey. The B2B meetings aim to understand how to promote fresh food products trade between the United States and La Spezia. The initiative was useful to investigate and to analyse the current US market and its potentialities for the distribution of Italian agrifood products. In addition, the meetings were useful to find new solutions to implement the International corridors between EU and non-EU countries. For instance, a market analysis was carried out by using data from shipping lines and maritime authorities, data on reefer containers transported and perishable products exchanged between Italy and the USA. The event has been also an opportunity to introduce the port of La Spezia at international level, evaluated by the operators as an efficient terminal in terms of infrastructures and procedures applied, including customs clearance procedures.

FRUIT LOGISTICA meetings (February 2017)

Even this year, Fruit Logistica represents a unique marketplace for producers, exporters, distributors, retailers and service providers, which develop international business by having a complete overview of the global market, innovative products, technologies and services for the entire fresh produce value chain. On this way, technological innovation is essential to satisfy all the actor’s needs in order to streamline and deliver an efficient inter-modal maritime-based logistics chains.

The B2B cocktail event organized on 9th February, beyond building up a specific stakeholder network, is clearly focused on such aspects that today embody an added value for this sector, from a global point of view, within the Mediterranean area, on the main actions carried out by the Port of La Spezia at national level, in order to increase productivity, competitiveness and stimulation of intermodal transport (logistic corridor connections, new rail infrastructures and optimization of road links). B2B cocktail event is waiting for you. We all have a part to play in building a brighter future “If it doesn’t work like we want it to, let’s change it!”.

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B2B networking cocktail Location: Berlin - February 9, 2017 - 11.30 a.m hall 1.2 D-03 c/o Fresh Food Corridors stand To discover something more about Fresh Food Corridor Project visit

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