«The port of Genoa is fully operational»

Genoa - «The port of Genoa will be able to regularly meet the demand for services related to the international traffic of goods and passengers, both on cruise ships and on ferries».


Rescuers deal with fire in Genoa bridge rubble before day of mourning

Genoa - Day of mourning, funeral planned for Saturday. Some families to boycott that in protest.


Italy weighs 3 options against Autostrade in Genoa bridge collapse

Genoa - Italy is weighing three options that range from stripping Autostrade per l’Italia of its entire motorway concession to fining the toll road operator in charge of a collapsed bridge, a junior minister said.


“Reaching port of Genoa will remain challenging in the coming period”

Genoa - Death toll at 38, state of emergency declared. Minister seeks “highest penalties” against bridge manager.


Genoa: investors turn on Italy bridge operator after disaster

Genoa - Italy’s biggest toll-road operator came under heavy stock-market attack on Thursday after Rome criticised it for a deadly bridge collapse this week, moving to revoke its concession and accusing it of failing to ensure the viaduct’s safety.

ENAC warns Volotea: “Too many delays”

ENAC warns Volotea: “Too many delays”

Genoa - Should current disruptions persist, and in the face of a lack of remedial plans, starting September 15, Catalan airline Volotea, the main operator at the Genoa airport, will be obliged to suspend all ticket sales and flight operations in Italy

 at 160 km/h / ANALYSIS

Divača-Koper at 160 km/h / ANALYSIS

THIS past year in Slovenia, there has been a debate on the upgrading of the Divača-Koper rail line. The project, because of its high cost, has been held hostage by the political clash between the majority and the opposition. Suffice it to say that several referendums have been held to stop the project

Ryanair strike hits 55,000 passengers across Europe
Railways: Unions, SNCF must honour contract, MIT must intervene
Workers forced to move 10,000 books in a shift

Workers forced to move 10,000 books in a shift

Pavia - Ten thousand books to be moved in one shift, ‘weekly’ contracts renewed for years, 200 hours of overtime per month, systematic violations of every labour right. These were, according to 300 workers’ stories, the working conditions reported by a study into ‘caporalato’, a kind of illegal job brokerage