Fincantieri and Naval Group: “Together we win”

Paris - The alliance between Italy and France goes on.

Paris - «Together we win»: the day after the announced agreement between Fincantieri and Naval Group for the creation of a joint venture (50/50), with the blessing of the governments of Italy and France, the top managers of two groups, Giuseppe Bono and Hervè Guillou, reply to the reticence of those who believe that the agreement is less ambitious - and integrated - that “European champion” of naval defense announced in great cash a year ago, at the bilateral summit in Lyon, by President Emmanuel Macron and the then premier Paolo Gentiloni When asked if we could still talk about a first step towards the long-awaited “Airbus of the Seas” evoked at the time, Bono assured “yes”, but “the ship is a complex product. It is difficult to combine different traditions and expertise: we do not want a losing operation but a successful operation in Europe and in the world.”

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