Transportation, the digital transformation at the heart of the fourth Forum

Genoa - The fourth edition of the “Shipping & Intermodal Transport” Forum, scheduled for 20 November in Genoa (Palazzo San Giorgio, from 08:30-13:30) will be dedicated to “The Digital Routes of Transportation.”

Genoa - The transport sector, and not only maritime transportation, is one of the most relevant when talking about the risks and opportunities resulting from the “digital transformation.”

The digital sustainability of companies is now a primary requirement for anyone who wants to compete on the global level: from freight forwarders to shipowners, from producers of goods to “big data” handlers, no one is exempt from the obligation to keep abreast of this revolution.

The fourth edition of the “Shipping & Intermodal Transport” Forum (Palazzo San Giorgio, Genoa, 20 November, 08:30-13:30) will be dedicated to “The Digital Transport Routes.” After an introduction by the Regional President of Tuscany Giovanni Toti, the first contribution will be made by Saverio Romeo, the chief research officer of London-based Beecham Research, who will present a European preview of a report titled “The impact of the Internet of Things on the management of ports and logistics.”

Among others, Zeno D’Agostino (president of Assoporti), Sara Armella (Armella & Associates) and primary representatives of industrial groups and the Customs Agency will participate in the first round-table discussion. Paolo Guglielminetti (PwC) will then present the study “Connecting Europe: the digitalisation of the corridors.” The Forum will move on at 10:50 to the presentation of plans and successful case studies, including the blockchain plan introduced by the port of Antwerp. The third session will be dedicated to the prospects of the National Logistical Plan (PNL), with presentations by DXC, Hub Telematica, Spediporto and Uirnet.

The forum will close with a session focused on problems associated with cyber-security and the risks of attacks by hackers, with presentations by Giovanna Sissa (University of Genoa), the Coast Guard, and Alessandro Morelli (Siat Group), introduced by Crédit Agricole.

Participation in the Forum (the events will be live streamed) is free with mandatory registration ( Because of the limited number of seats in the audience, those who have not registered will not be allowed into the room.

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