Valencia’s goal: 600,000 cruise tourists

The port of Valencia has great potential that has yet to be exploited: even so, the Port Authority is celebrating the numbers brought in by Costa and MSC.

VALENCIA is the fifth port in Europe by the number of cruise tourists, with 400,000 passengers disembarking in the Spanish city in 2016.
After two years of crisis in Valencia’s cruise sector, the data confirm a considerable recovery, with a 12% increase projected for 2017, which would bring the total to 450,000 passengers. The Port Authority of Valencia’s strategic plan in any case forecasts 600,000 passengers and 250 calls by 2020.
Tourism is the key to reinvigorate a city’s economy, and there are quite a few examples of cities that have done that on the Iberian peninsula.
The quantitative variable is not determinative of revenue from which a port benefits, but it certainly is for the city that surrounds it, Aurelio Martínez, the president of Valencia’s Port Authority, is clear about that. Martínez offered his collaboration to the city of Valencia and its foundation Turismo Valencia in order to develop this resource. Martínez declared that the data recorded in 2016 were considerably better than the rosiest expectations: “The predictions for next year are rather as expected and the number of tourists embarking will increase by 12% while the number of calls increases by 15%.”


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