Moby and Tirrenia, all the offers to discover Italy

Moby and Tirrenia, Gruppo Onorato Armatori ferry companies, offering connections to Sardinia, Sicily, Corsica and Elba.

Moby and Tirrenia, Gruppo Onorato Armatori ferry companies, offering connections to Sardinia, Sicily, Corsica and Elba. Thanks to Moby and Tirrenia, there are over 4000 departures to and from Sardinia scheduled for 2018, up to 24 per day; these allow travel from Genoa to Olbia, Porto Torres and Arbatax, or from Livorno and Piombino to Olbia, and from Civitavecchia to Olbia, Cagliari and Arbatax, as well as from Naples and Palermo to Cagliari. Here are the most economical fares offered by the two companies to travel in Sardinia (price per passenger, all included. For more info visit and

- Piombino-Olbia: starting from €28.54

- Livorno-Olbia: starting from €32.25

- Genoa-Olbia: starting from €41.73

- Civitavecchia-Olbia: starting from €37.53

- Genoa-Porto Torres: starting from €37.87

As for Sicily, fares start from €45 per person (all included); Tirrenia connects the island with Naples (thanks to the Naples-Palermo route, with daily departures) and Cagliari (Cagliari-Palermo, two departures per week).

This confirms the investment and service strengthening policy that the Group is also implementing in this region. Then there’s Corsica with prices starting from €26 per person (all included), thanks to the Livorno-Bastia, Genoa-Bastia and Nice-Bastia links with Moby, in addition to daily connections for Elba carried out by Moby and Toremar.

Passengers on board the Moby and Tirrenia ships enjoy a service of high quality and comfort: beginning with the shopping areas and the show lounges, through the kids areas, games rooms, as well as a-la-carte and cafeteria-style restaurants that feature typical Mediterranean dishes. A panoply of tasty offerings to suit every budget, where the focus is on value and quality.

Aboard Moby ships, children are sure to be entertained by Looney Tunes characters, featuring Taz, Daffy Duck, Silvestro and Tweety; the young passengers’ crossing will be a fun experience, and they will be looked after from the beginning to the end of the journey by the costumed characters, who remain at the kids’ side, also during meals and snacks, with tasty offerings on board (for info visit

Great attention is also paid to the hospitality component; one just needs to look at the “V-class” service that Moby offers on the Moby Drea and Moby Otta ships, both of which ply the Genoa-Olbia route; their offer includes a series of exclusive service packages, for those looking for a VIP trip. In short, those “extra” touches such as breakfast in cabin, or a reserved table at the restaurant featuring an American-style buffet, TV in the cabin, and much more. Tirrenia is continuing a massive refurbishment of its ships which started last year with the Sharden and the Nuraghes (featuring Batman and Wonder Woman on the hull sides) and which this year is being carried out on the Athara, which has Superman gracing the ship’s sides, and the Bithia, again featuring Superman, flanked by Supergirl, the Woman of Steel.

The shipowning Gruppo Onorato Armatori (Moby, Tirrenia and Toremar) will handle in total about 41,000 departures in 2018, up to 200 per day, or 8 departures per hour, with outstanding passenger capacity, thanks to the fleet at its disposal: latest-generation, large, fast cruise ferries, with ample capacity for passenger and a significant number of cabins. Noteworthy is also an increase in routes through the high season period (with both night-time and day-time departures).

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