Shipping Forum 4.0

Genoa - Transport and digitization are at the heart of the fourth edition.

Genoa - How important is it for those who work and compete in the logistics sector to have the ability to make the best of the opportunities that appear on the Internet? And what are the risks professionals need to be aware of and protect themselves from, in the era of shipping 4.0? On Monday, 20 November, in Genoa, during the fourth edition of the Shipping and Intermodal Transport Forum, we will talk about the digitalization of transport, with particular focus on big data, the internet of things (IoT) and cybersecurity. The most prominent members of the industry will discuss the most topical issues and the winning models already experienced in Italy and Europe.

During the event, British company Beecham Research will present a report on IoT applications in the logistics and port sectors; among the best practices that will be analysed are those currently in use in the ports of Hamburg and Barcelona. PwC analysts will also offer an important contribution. At the previous editions of the Forum, there were an average of 350 experts. For information about the next event contact the organizing committee at

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