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A interview with Giuseppe Bortolussi C.E.O. of Interporto di Pordenone

WITH the recent Italian mission to China, Trieste’s central role in the relationship between the Mediterranean and Asia has been formalised. What is your point of view on the subject?

“I believe that it could lead to interesting growth prospects for the Interporto Centro Ingrosso di Pordenone (Pordenone Wholesale Centre Freight Village), considering that phase 3 of the development of the People’s Republic of China passes through the new rail line from internal areas of China through Central Asia to continental Europe. It is a paradigm shift that leads one to consider not only freight traffic by ship, but also by rail. In this sense, Interporto is ready. What is certain is that the role of the port of Trieste will be fundamental for the growth of the whole logistical platform in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region.”

The port of Trieste is becoming more and more oriented towards Middle Europe and Bavaria. What are the more concrete advantages that the logistics system centred on the port can offer?
“I believe that the natural Middle European axis is a significant “core element” rooted in history and in the consolidation of the port of Trieste and the transport system and logistics in Friuli-Venezia Giulia. However, in a global market logic, a vision oriented in a single direction risks penalising the industrial and manufacturing system of the Western Friuli and Eastern Veneto regions, which gravitate around Interporto di Pordenone and are open to other directions.”

Which investments should be planned as a priority to sustain the development of traffic?

“Certainly investing in a logistical and transportation system that responds better and better to the demands of the companies and the operators. To understand the situation, the market is giving us clear indications and investments must go in this direction. Sometimes politicians think that they know and try to impose centrally planned solutions, but this is what Friedrich von Hayek called the fatal conceit.”

What do you think about the relationship between Trieste and the other ports, including the non-Italian ports, of the Upper Adriatic?
“I hope for a vision of the whole that will succeed in growing traffic, but for certain reasons, I cannot hide my inclination as a man of the market to believe that healthy competition without undue interference can stimulate the economy and make it grow.”

What are the prospects for your company/business?

“Interporto di Pordenone is completing significant investments which will prepare it to respond to the companies and MTOs that are asking us for operations that will answer their demands. In this respect, we are strongly engaged and collaborating with RFI to achieve the construction of an elementary system for rail freight transport and complete intermodality will be ever more important.”

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