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“Dark money in Volpi’s Swiss accounts”

“Dark money in Volpi’s Swiss accounts”

Genova - The business was discussed in anonymous and elegant Swiss offices,but it was the usual smugglers who carried the suitcases full of illegally acquired banknotes and kilograms of gold across the border. The techniques have been refined over time, for example, the organisation arranged SIM cards

China buying more oil from US, North Sea
Qatari LNG route to Europe round Africa is nothing new
Eni: “Qatar crisis affects gas not oil”

Eni: “Qatar crisis affects gas not oil”

Bologna - “The current tensions over Qatar have not had many effects, because the country is more a gas than an oil producer and so I think that in the end reason will win out and therefore it will be possible to find dialogue. I am convinced of it, because the role of Qatar is too important.”

U.S. producer prices unchanged as energy costs drop
Toshiba to pay $3.7 billion to keep building U.S. reactors
Refuelling, Costa Cruises heads for Barcelona
PwC: “Italy could become the Mediterranean’s logistics centre for LNG”