The African giant is in motion / ANALYSIS

2020 target: the Continent is striving for economic success but Europe is likely to suffer the risks but miss out on opportunities.

AFRICA in 2020 will be an economic giant. Possible? At least ten years have passed since we started reading international scenarios involving an exponential growth in many world regions, often poorly linked to already consolidated dynamics. A little over 10 years ago we started talking about BRICS. From Brazil to Russia, from India to China. But a broader view seen in this group of developing countries Mexico, South Korea as well as other satellite nations. The growth there has been.
For many, not for everyone. Yet some realities have been proven paper tigers, strangled by the global economic crisis, affected by the scarce internal resources, sunk by an institutional system unable to cope with the internal and external politic crisis. China, of course, has become a global player. Not only important, but essential. Perhaps the very first, to divide the global economic leadership with the United States, but not the political one. Africa, in everything, has changed a lot. It depends on our point of view, of course.


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