Russian Eurobonds: foreign investors took 85%

Moscow - Foreign investors bought 85% of new sovereign Eurobonds that Russia issued this week, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said on Wednesday: “There was a huge interest despite all limitations and sanctions,” Siluanov said


“Dark money in Volpi’s Swiss accounts”

Genova - The business was discussed in anonymous and elegant Swiss offices,but it was the usual smugglers who carried the suitcases full of illegally acquired banknotes and kilograms of gold across the border. The techniques have been refined over time, for example, the organisation arranged SIM cards


Saudi Arabia bans Egyptian strawberries

Ryadh - Saudi Arabia is banning imports of Egyptian strawberries due to pesticide residues, said Abdel Hamid al-Demerdash, the head of Egypt’s Agriculture Export Council, the latest such ban to hit Egypt as it struggles to revive its economy


China buying more oil from US, North Sea

Beijing - Chinese imports of American and North Sea oil increased noticeably in the January-April period, jolting Middle Eastern suppliers like Saudi Arabia Oil, also known as Saudi Aramco.


Regus opens offices in Genoa, eye on port / INTERVIEW

Genoa - Following its drive to expand in Italy with 35 business centres,Regus is now present in Genoa too. The Belgian company founded by Mark Dixon in 1989 - and present in Italy since 1997 - is opening a 1,300 sqm business centre next week; located in via De Marini, in Genoa’s San Benigno area

Toshiba to pay $3.7 billion to keep building U.S. reactors
U.S. considers possible sanctions against Venezuela oil sector
Korus FTA cancellation to hurt U.S. firms more than S. Korean counterparts
Italy’s Eni signs LNG deal in Mozambique, raising hopes of gas boom
Greek debt relief could mean creditors waiting for up to 123 bln euros