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“Europe protects its sailors’ labour”

“Europe protects its sailors’ labour”

Genova - “ What Mattioli presidency? Mario Mattioli is Manuel Grimaldi’s lieutenant, and please do convey the contentious tone of my comment.” In his own way, Vincenzo Onorato, who is the chief of Tirrenia-MOBY and the great dissident among Ital ian shipowners, was welcoming the new president of Confitarma

“Maritime school graduates should no longer need to pay for their courses”
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“Major alliances should revamp conferences again” / INTERVIEW

Milan - Massimo Mirizzi, managing director of Multilogistics, leads a company that is strongly growing, with headquarters in Genoa, Turin, Milan, Verona, Bologna and in Barcelona and Valencia in Spain. “In the coming years it is our intention to grow our market in the United States and in Asia - the transport sector in Italy is clearly improving,” Mirizzi stated.