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Pirates kidnap 8 crew members

Pirates kidnap 8 crew members

Hamburg - German shipping company MC Schiffahrt informs that its vessel MarMalaita “was attacked by pirates ...on the anchorage of Douala in Cameroon.”

U.S. whiskey exporters struggle after year of EU tariffs
Portugal’s fuel-tanker drivers back down, walkout continues
Houthi drone attack on Saudi oilfield causes gas fire, output unaffected
Grace 1 tanker starts to move

Grace 1 tanker starts to move

Gibraltar - The Grace 1 was seized by British Royal Marine commandos in darkness at the western mouth of the Mediterranean on July 4 on suspicion of violating European Union sanctions by taking oil to Syria, a close ally of Iran.

Grieving relatives ask Italian road chiefs to leave bridge memorial ceremony
“Parts of collapsed Italian bridge lacked maintenance for 25 years”