New regular Ro-Ro service for Japan

Koper - Existing MOLs service from Koper extended to Japan and other destinations.


A record year for containers at Italy’s ports

Genoa - Solid bulk plummets (-12.7%), and liquid bulk also posts a poor performance (-1.7%).


Iraqi oil minister asks BP to develop Kirkuk oilfields

Baghdad - Iraqi government forces on Monday took control of the oil-rich region of Kirkuk from Kurdish peshmerga fighters who had occupied the area in 2-14, in the course of the war on Islamic State.


Madrid and the Catalan puzzle: Europe awaits solution / EDITORIAL

Analysts: “Continuation of tensions could undermine economy”. Catalan banks are preparing emergency plans


Confitarma, president elect Mattioli, open to appeasement: “Our doors are open to all”

Rome - He is the new president of Confitarma, Italy’s association of shipowners.

Too many threats to Turkey’s economy / EDITORIAL
The slow recovery of the Egyptian economy
“International competition to save Genoa Power Station”

“International competition to save Genoa Power Station”

Genova - The Futur-E project is an initiative that began two years ago,and involves the 23 ENEL plants across Italy that are no longer operational. The goal is to re-appropriate these facilities: there is no particular restriction on the final use, but rather criteria to be followed

Kuhne + Nagel, results improve

Kuhne + Nagel, results improve

Genoa - In the third quarter of this year, net sales for the Swiss logistics group Kuehne + Nagel amounted to 4.7 billion Swiss francs (€4.1 billion), up 14.9% from 4.1 billion Swiss francs in July-September 2016.

Rail traffic on the rise in Livorno
More financial firms moving to Dublin over Brexit, Ireland says
Blu Navy, increase in passengers
The Board of Genoa port to include Bucci
Genoa airport woos EasyJet Initial routes under consideration
Iran to launch new container service connecting Asia to Europe